Our Story

Welcome to SnowmobileGear.com, where the thrill of the powder is matched only by our love for outfitting you in the finest snowmobile gear known to man, woman, and polar bear alike. Since our frosty inception in 2014, we've been the go-to haven for snowmobile aficionados, offering an avalanche of top-tier outwear, helmets, lifestyle apparel, and the niftiest aftermarket parts and accessories. With brands like Klim, FXR, DSG, HMK, and Castle in our sled, we’re all about keeping you stylishly warm and unapologetically cool as you carve through the snow.

But hold your snowmobiles, because we're not just about peddling gear; we're about creating a blizzard of excitement and community in the snowmobiling world. As we zoom past our 10th anniversary in 2024, we're not just blowing snow; we're genuinely pumped to have fueled your passion with our curated collection of over 25 brands and 10,000 products. Whether you're here to splurge or save, we've got everything to suit your frosty needs and wallets of all sizes, in men’s, women’s, and even pint-sized gear for the kiddos.

Our roots trace back to a chilly handshake with a British Motorcycle Accessory company in 2005, but it was the sparkling snow that truly captured our hearts. Using our Powersport prowess and a network colder than a well-digger's boots, we've brought a blizzard of options to your doorstep at prices that'll make you feel warmer inside.

So, as we glide into the future, our sled packed with quality, innovation, and a quirky sense of humor, we invite you to join our frosty family. Share your adventures, your pictures, and even your dad jokes with us. At SnowmobileGear.com, you're not just gearing up for another ride; you're strapping in for an unforgettable journey with the coolest cats on the snow. Here's to more years of shredding, sharing, and shivering together - because when it comes to snowmobile gear, we're seriously fun about it.